Therma-Hygrometer for internal & external temperature measurement

  • Therma-Hygrometer for internal & external temperature measurement
ETI Ltd.
Therma-Hygrometer with max/min.
Part #: 810 140


The 810-140 Therma-Hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in addition to indicating and recording the maximum and minimum readings. Utilising the internal sensor the instrument measures temperature over the range of 0 to 50 °C. The external remote probe with integrated three metre lead measures both temperature and humidity over the range of -20 to 70 °C and 10 to 99 %rh. This therma-hygrometer is ideal for monitoring both temperature and humidity in rooms, offices, factories and similar to ensure optimum working conditions are maintained. The unit is housed in an ABS case, measuring 20 x 100 x 110 mm, that incorporates a useful foldaway stand and a keyhole slot for hanging on a wall.

  • case material: ABS plastic
  • display type: LCD digital
  • max/min function: yes
  • measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit & %rh
  • power source: battery powered
  • probe/sensor style: internal & external fixed sensor
  • warranty: one year


  • AAA Duracell alkaline battery - 1.5v

    # 839-924

    These AAA Duracell alkaline batteries are supplied in packs of four or eight and provide an extremely low cost solution to powering your ETI thermometer or instrument.




range internal

0 to 50 °C


range external

-20 to 70 °C

10 to 99%rh


0.1°C /°F






1.5 volt AAA

battery life

10000 hours


dual custom LCD


20 x 100 x 110mm


170 grams


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