testo 6651 - The humidity transmitter

  • testo 6651 - The humidity transmitter
  • testo 6651 - The humidity transmitter
  • testo 6651 - The humidity transmitter
  • testo 6651 - The humidity transmitter
Testo 6651 - for critical air conditions with digital, replaceable probe
Part #: 0555 6651


testo 6651 - the humidity transmitter for stationary measurement of room air conditions and stationary measurement of production climate

    • Accuracy up to ±1.7 % RH
    • Digital probe of the 6600 instruments: can be calibrated and exchanged and is equipped with its own order number
      • Wall, duct and cable probes, can be configured upon customer request and are heat resistant up to +120 °C
    • Highest availability by means of early warnings, e.g. in the event of sensor failure, condensation etc. (preventative maintenance)
    • Different assembly variants:
      • Wall-mounted version
      • Duct version
      • Probe version
    • Optimum calibration concept with ...
      • adjustment of entire signal chain, including analog adjustment, without dismantling the transmitter
      • 1-point adjustment can be performed on-site easily and quickly using t400 or t650
      • 2-point adjustment via P2A software or user menu
    • Parameterizing, adjusting and analyzing software (P2A) for setting up, adjusting and analyzing the transmitter:
      • Parameterization of unit and scaling
      • Adjustment (see above)
      • Reset to factory settings
      • Testing of analog outputs/relays
      • Requesting of max./min. values
      • Parameterization and adjustment history: All activities of the P2A software are registered with an operating time stamp in the internal log
      • Serial number and firmware version can be called up
  • Time-saving commissioning and maintenance via service flap and P2A software
  • Perfect integration into all factory automation:
    • 2 analog outputs
  • Professional display and user menu with full-text display and externally-positioned buttons
  • Calculation and output of all standard humidity variables

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