testo 317-2

  • testo 317-2
  • testo 317-2
  • testo 317-2
  • testo 317-2
  • testo 317-2
  • testo 317-2
Gas leak detector, including carrying bag with belt clip, wrist strap and battery.
Part #: 0632 3172


Gas pipe connections can be safely and efficiently tested with the testo 317-2 gas leak detector. The handy gas detector for new users detects two types of gas: methane and propane. The gas concentration is shown via a bar display. In addition, the gas leak detector indicates increasing gas concentrations via an acoustic alarm. The measuring instrument also confirms acoustically that it is ready for measuring.

  • Shows gas concentration in visual bar display
  • Sensor self-test following switch-on
  • Audible confirmation of readiness to operate
  • Increasing alarm sounds with increasing gas concentration
  • Continuous sound if alarm threshold is exceeded
  • Battery monitoring with optical display
  • Self-test function

Application of testo 317-2


Methane (CH4)  
Measuring range
0 to 20000 ppm
Lower response threshold
100 ppm
1st alarm limit                             
10000 ppm                                 
Propane (C₃H₈)                                                     
Measuring range
0 to 10000 ppm
Lower response threshold
50 ppm
1st alarm limit
5000 ppm                                    
General technical data       
2 years
Heat up time
60 sec
Battery type
2 batteries type micro AAA 1.5 V
Battery life
4 h (LR03)
Display type
Storage temperature
-20 to +50 °C
Operating temperature 
-5 to +45 °C



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