testo 175 H1

  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
  • testo 175 H1
2-channel temperature and humidity data logger with external sensor (NTC/capacitive humidity sensor)
Part #: 0572 1754


With its long-term stable humidity sensor, the testo 175 H1 is the professional data logger for the monitoring of temperature and relative humidity in work and storage rooms. The external probe (stump) stands out thanks to faster reaction times in comparison to probes installed inside the housing. Energy savings are an important topic for buildings. However, better external insulation and new, energy-efficient windows can also have undesired side-effects. With the targeted reduction of "natural" ventilation, more heat is retained in the building on the one hand, but on the other hand also more humidity, caused, for example, by the inhabitants. In badly ventilated places there is therefore the danger of mould growth. The testo 175 H1 continuously records temperature and humidity values and shows the dewpoint in the display. The indoor climate is thus monitored, emphasizing the need for targeted ventilation and air exchange.
  • Large memory for 1 million measurement values
  • up to 3 years battery life
  • Standard batteries (AAA) replaceable by user
  • large, easily legible display
  • USB connection cable, instrument to PC

    # 0449 0047
  • ComSoft Professional 4

    # 0554 1704

    (Pro software incl. data archiving)

  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11

    # 0554 1705

    (Software for requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11 for Testo data loggers)

  • Mobile printer for data loggers testo 175/176/184

    # 0572 0576

    Thermal printer with USB/NFC interface. USB connection between testo 175 / testo 176 and the printer. NFC connection between testo 184 and the printer 

  • ComSoft Basic 5 CD software

    # 0572 0580

    (Basic software for programming and readout of Testo data loggers; graphic and tabular measurement data presentation as well as export function.)

  • ISO cal. cert./humidity

    # 0520 0076

    (humidity data logger; calibration points 11.3%RH and 75.3%RH at +25°C)

  • DAKKS calibration cert./humidity

    # 0520 0246

    (humidity data logger; cal. points 11.3%RH and 75.3%RH at +25°C)

1.000.000 readings
Storage temperature
-20 to +55 °C
Operating temperature                                 
-20 to +55 °C
149 x 53 x 27 mm
Protection class                                             IP54
Measurement rate                                        10 sec to 24 h
Battery life                                                     3 years at 15 min. measurement rate
Probe type NTC
Meas. range                               
-20 to +55 °C
±0,4 °C (-20 to +55 °C)
0,1 °C
Probe type humid. sensor, cap.
Meas. Range
0 to 100 %RH
±2 %RH (2 to +98 %RH)
±0,03 %RH/K
1 %RH

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