Radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61

  • Radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61
Level measurement of water and sewage
Part #: PS WL 61


The radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61 was developed especially for use in water and sewage management. Compared with ultrasonic technology, which is commonly used in the area of water/sewage, radar measurement offers many advantages. For one thing, radar gauges operate completely independent of wind movements, fog or rain. And thanks to its high measuring sensitivity, the radar sensor really brings its advantages to bear under conditions of light foam generation. Because of its resistance to temperature influences, the radar sensor is fundamentally more accurate than ultrasonic devices when it comes to flow-rate measurement in rivers, canals or open flumes.

The new radar sensor VEGAPULS WL 61 covers the many areas of application in water management: the application spectrum of this gauge specialized in water and sewage measurement extends from level measurement in pump shafts or in rain overflow basins to flow-rate measurement in open flumes right up to level measurement of rivers and lakes.

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Simple installation
  • Wear and maintenance-free
  • Independent of temperature, weather influences as well as foam generation
  • High measuring precision
Measuring range up to 15 m
Process fitting DN80, mounting strap or flange
Process temperature -40…+80°C
Process pressure -1…+2bar
Measuring precision ±2mm
Transmitting frequency K band

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