Radar sensor VEGAPULS 62

  • Radar sensor VEGAPULS 62
Radar sensor for continuous level measurement with horn antenna or mounted 1/2" standpipe (K-Band)
Part #: PS 62


 Especially suitable for storage tanks or process vessels for measurement of virtually all substances under arduous process conditions.

All advantages in an overview
- non-contact measurement unaffected by the process pressure, process temperature and process gas
- measurement up to 50mm to the antenna edge possible
- accuracy ±3mm
- ECHOFOX signal processing with Fuzzy-Logic
- adjustment with PLICSCOM, HART handheld or PC
- instrument from the plics® family


Measuring range up to35 m  
Process fitting thread or flange  
Process temperature -40…+200°C  
Process pressure -1…+40bar
Accuracy ±3mm  
Emitting frequency K-Band



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