Mini RayTemp® infrared thermometer

  • Mini RayTemp® infrared thermometer
ETI Ltd.
Mini RayTemp® infrared thermometer
Part #: 814 080
Category: Temperature
Branches: Industry, Food sector


The Mini RayTemp® infrared thermometer is a compact, lightweight and low cost infrared thermometer. Simply aim and pull the trigger to display the temperature of the item being measured. The Mini RayTemp® infrared thermometer measures temperature over the range of -50 to 330°C with an assured accuracy of ±2°C over the range of 0 to 330°C, outside of this range (-50 to 0°C) accuracy is ±4°C. This infrared thermometer has a clear, easy to read, LCD display with low battery, and backlight indication and an auto power off facility that turns the instrument off after 10 seconds, maximising battery life. The Mini RayTemp® is ideal for numerous temperature measurement applications where contact with the item to be measured is an issue. The Mini RayTemp® is switchable to measure °C or °F. The thermometer also incorporates laser assisted alignment as standard, to assist in pin-pointing the area of measurement. The unit incorporates an 12:1 optic ratio (target distance/diameter ratio) and a fixed emissivity of 0.95.

  • battery monitor: yes
  • case material: ABS plastic
  • display type: LCD with backlight
  • laser dot alignment: yes
  • measurement scale: Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • power saving: auto-off
  • power source: battery powered
  • probe/sensor style: internal sensor
  • warranty: one year


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-50 to 330°C


0.1°C or °F

infrared accuracy

±2°C (0 to 330°C) and ±4°C (-50 to 0°C)

field of view

target ratio 12:1


0.95 fixed


9 volt PP3

battery life

80 hours continuous use


custom LCD


39 x 95 x 131mm


130 grams


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