hygrotest 600 – humidity transmitter

  • hygrotest 600 –  humidity transmitter
The standard humidity transmitter for air conditioning and processes
Part #: 0555 0600


  • The hygrotest was developed specially for humidity measurement in air conditioning and process engineering. This sophisticated measurement is performed by the Testo humidity sensor with the much valued and well-known long-term stability.
  • Accuracy of ±2% RH
  • Option of wall, duct or probe version
  • Extremely easy to check and adjust on-site using the testo 400/650 reference measuring instruments or reusable saline solutions, or in accredited Testo laboratories
  • 2 analog outputs are standard with the option of digital outputs:
    • RS485 output for online monitoring
    • 4 switch outputs
  • All the standard types of signals (current/voltage) are available for the analog outputs. The signal type must be chosen on ordering)
  • User-friendly, password-protected user menu (if display is installed):
    • Modification of physical size and scaling
    • Requesting of min./max. values
    • Analog and switch signal test
    • Modification of limit values and hysteresis
    • 2-point adjustment
    • Reset
  • The dewpoint can be output through the integrated Mollier diagram

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