CEL-630 Integrating Octave Band Digital Sound Level Meter

  • CEL-630 Integrating Octave Band Digital Sound Level Meter


  • The CEL-630 is an easy to use instrument designed to  undertake the measurement requirements of workplace and environmental noise. It also complies with the latest IEC and ANSI international standards for sound level meters.

    • Real-time measurement of octave bands
    • Logging models for storing time history of noise exposure
    • Audio notes so no pen and paper is required
    • Used for the selection of hearing protection (Octave or HML Methods)
    • Full colour display, simple to operate
    • Single measurement range up to 140dB even in octave modes
    • IEC 61762 Class 1 or Class 2 models available
    • Measures all workplace noise parameters simultaneously
    • Easy to use switch-on-and-go functionality.
    • Latest digital technology with a high resolution colour TFT display
    • Pre-configured setups for occupational and environmental measurements.
    • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters with all frequency and time weightings
    • 1GB memory for more than 2 ½ years of storage.
    • Removable pre-amp
    • Environmental kit available.
There are 2 models available:  CEL-632, CEL-633

CEL 63x Series Sound Level Meter

  • Executive kit case

    # 196030C

    included with instrument kit.

  • Acoustic Calibrator Class 1

    # CEL-120/1

    • Compliant with IEC 60942 : 2003 and ANSI SI.40:2006 • Class 1  accuracy version • Digital technology ensures highly stable acoustic performance • Dual calbiration level (Class 1 version) of 94dB and 114dB at 1kHz • Rugged ergonomic design

  • Acoustic Calibrator Class 2

    # CEL-120/2

    • Compliant with IEC 60942 : 2003 and ANSI SI.40:2006 • Class 2 accuracy version • Digital technology ensures highly stable acoustic performance • Single calbiration level (Class 2 version) of 114dB at 1kHz • Rugged ergonomic design

  • Microphone Class 1

    # CEL-251
  • Microphone Class 2

    # CEL-252
  • Lightweight tripod

    # CEL-6718
  • Kit case

    # CEL-6840
  • PC to USB cable (optional)

    PC to USB cable (optional)

    # CMC51
  • Portable printer kit

    # CMC73

    (fits in 196030 kit case)

  • High range microphone (to 165dB)

    High range microphone (to 165dB)

    # MIC1
  • High range microphone adaptor

    High range microphone adaptor

    # MPA1
    (for use with MIC1)
  • Universal power supply

    Universal power supply

    # PC18
Measurement range: 
20 ... 140 dB RMS (143.3 dB peak)
Total Noise floor:      
19dB(A) Class 1, 25dB(A) Class 2
Time weightings: 
Fast, Slow and Impulse simultaneously
Frequency weightings:    
A, C and Z (un-weighted) simultaneously
Frequency bands:    
11 Octave bands 16Hz-16kHz (B&C models)
33 Octave bands 12.5Hz- 20kHz (C models)
Amplitude weighting (Q):                                         
3, 4 and 5 simultaneously
Back erase:  
Last 10s in cumulative mode (all models)
Duration 1s-24h, On/Off timers: 6 sets with selectable times and a repeat function
2GB. (>1 year logging when set to 1 second interval, 999 runs). All parameters recorded and accessible via insight
3x AA Alkaline, 10-15 hours dependent on back light
External power:  
9-14V DC at 150mA
Tripod mount:   
1/4” Whitworth socket
332g including batteries
230x72x31mm inc preamp and microphone
Operating Conditions: 
Relative humidity of 5 to 90%  (non condensing):
Temperature of -10 to +500C (Class 1) and 0 to 400C (Class 2)
Atmospheric pressure of  65 to 108kPa.
Audio Recording                              
Low Quality: 8,000 samples/s @ 8bit (64kb/s), up to 4kHz
High Quality: 24,000 samples/s @ 8 bit (192kb/s), up to 12kHz
Measured parameters:
Broadband: LXY, LXYmax, LXYmin, LXeq, LXpeak, Lavg, LC-LA, LXIeq, LTM3, LTM5, LAE
Octaves & 1/3 octaves: LXY, LXeq, LXYmax.
CEL-631 and CEL-633 models additionally store 5x Ln values in broadband and octave modes.
Cel-632 and CEL-633 models additionally stores time history data, all parameters are logged for period times plus 6 selectable profile parameters (plus 5x Ln values on CEL-633)
 Where X is the frequency weighting A, C or Z and Y represents time weighting Fast (F), Slow (S) or Impulse (I).
  • CEL-63Х - Instrument Kit

    CEL-63Х - Instrument Kit

    # CEL-63Х/K1.
    Instrument kits include the relevant instrument, acoustic calibrator (CEL-120), USB download cable, batteries, calibration certificates and an executive kit case. For an instrument kit add /K1 to the instrument part number e.g. CEL-632C1/K1.

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