Capacitive Switching VEGACAP 63

  • Capacitive Switching VEGACAP 63
Fully insulated, capacitive rod electrode for level detection
Part #: CAP 63


The VEGACAP 63 is a level sensor for universal use in conductive liquids. The rod probe is fully insulated and the proven construction ensures high functional safety.


  • Long lifetime and reduced maintenance requirement through robust mechanical construction
  • Savings through simple mounting and setup
  • Maximum use of the vessel, because measurement over the complete probe lengthFor use in conductive liquids


fully insulated rod

Process fitting

thread from G¾, ¾ NPT
flanges from DN 50, 2"

Measuring range

up to 6 m


316L, PE, PTFE

Process temperature

-50 … +200 °C

Process pressure

-1 … +64 bar
(-100 … +6400 kPa)



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