Branch: Leak detection

  • Leak detection

    If a leak, a leaky spot or an indefinable problem occurs somewhere things quickly heat up. You then need someone with a cool head to tackle locating the problem. However, the best thing is to make sure that it does not get that far in the first place: for example through professional commissioning, optimum setting, regular maintenance, random leak detection and endoscopic measurement. Testo offers reliable measuring tools for this.

  • testo 316-3

    testo 316-3

    0563 3163
    testo 316-3, leakage detector for CFC, HFC, HCFC incl. sensor head, transport case, batteries and...
  • testo 316-4

    testo 316-4

    0563 316X
    testo 316-4 leak detector including refrigerant sensor head, case, mains unit and earphones.
  • testo 570

    testo 570

    0563 570X
    Digital manifold ideal for service, maintenance and commissioning on air conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • testo 324 leakage measuring instrument

    testo 324 leakage measuring instrument

    0632 3240
    testo 324 Pressure and leakage measuring instrument DVGW-approved for all tests at gas and water...